星期五, 9月 30, 2005

Malaysian fear factors

The first Asian production centre of Fear Factor will be housed in Malaysia. The local version of FF will be aired on ntv7 on 11 Nov.

Fear Factor is one of the greatest reality show on TV. In each episode, the contestants are required to go through all sorts of stunts and some "odd-food" eating session challenging their phobias.

But is that really the REALITY that everyone of us will be facing in our daily lives? How many of us will be walking on a 3-inch wide walkway hanging 20 feets from the ground at the same time collecting the flags in our daily works? How many of us will be eating bun full of cockroach, say, in our breakfast?

That is not very realistic after all. For Malaysian there are much more REAL fears in our daily lives. Here are some suggestions of stunt for the shooting crews of the local FF if they really want to challenge our Malaysian guts:

1. Rising-petrol-price-phobia
Announcing petrol price will increase another 10 cents at 8pm. Contestants who can stay longest time in their vehicles which having the petrol indicator pointing to "E" before they rush to nearby petrol station and queue up for petrol, will advance to next round, else they are eliminated.

2. Toll-phobia
Contestants are asked to drive 10 roundtrips from JB to P.Penang on North-South Highway, using their own money. The one who can pay the toll without a frown and without heart-ache, will advance to next round.

3. ISA-phobia
Contestants are to enrol as a member of one of the Opposition Party in Malaysia, followed by criticizing the government or Barisan National in public. The one who can do it the longest before being put into jail by ISA will advance to next round, else, obviously will not be freed in the near future, is eliminated. [Note: the stunt is closely monitored by experts and lawyers. The contestants MUST sign No-safety-guaranteed Agreement as no safety could definitely be assured.]

4. National-car-phobia
Contestants are required to drive a 3-year-old Proton car, which having broken dashboard meter, failed power window, leaking gearbox oil, hot-air-conditioning system, and a body made of Milo container, on the road. The one who could drive the longest distance without having to stop for cool air or having the car break down or accident, will advance to next round. [Note: the stunt is closely monitored by experts for contestants' safety.]

5. Street-night-walk-phobia
Contestants are to walk on the street after 9pm alone carrying a bag. The fastest their bag being snatched, or the fastest they are being robbed, they are qualified to next round. [Note: the stunt is closely monitored by experts for contestants' safety.]

6. Traffic-jam-phobia
Contestants will be driving within KL center between 5.30pm and 8.30pm. The longest they could stay calm in the traffic jam, without performing over-taking, driving on emergency lane, honking, showing vulgarly body sign, or making illegal turn, will qualify to next round. [Note: the stunt is closely monitored by experts for any behavioural fault.]

7. Stolen-car-phobia
Contestants are required to park provided vehicles at the road side within Klang Valley. The one with the most vehicles being stolen, will advance to next round. [Note: no cheating allowed like not locking the vehicle, etc. All procedures are inspected by experts.]

* All the stunts are designed by stunt experts. DO try this at home.

All these are REAL stunt that could be a challenge for Malaysians.

But, one of the stunt in FF that most of Malaysians will not be afraid of, is driving at 200km/h without seatbelt in a car with no airbag. Fear is not a factor to you, Malaysian.

Adjust lifestyle

Adjust lifestyle = Tighten the waist belt ?

Hmm... I have a bad feeling about that...

Another not-my-fault statement from Dr M

Today's quote on AP issue [theStar]:
... when he(Dr M) was prime minister, he had asked Rafidah’s ministry to check why the duties on imported cars were under-declared, “but I was told they were not responsible for it.”
“I trusted my ministers to handle the APs. There was no necessity for me to be informed of everything,” he said. ...
Did Dr M just admit that he didn't do a good job in monitoring his subordinates' work during the 22 years of tenure? Or I interpreted it wrongly?

You can always TRUST your subordinates, only if you understand what their tasks are, how they are going to perform the tasks and what is their progress. All these, are called MONITORING!

Only the lousy manager will play taichi and say something like "I trusted him on the project that's why if the project failed not my fault but his".




星期四, 9月 29, 2005

Brushing bosses' shoe

Don't you just hate seeing some people always suck up to their bosses?

Their talents are repeating every word after their bosses.

Another talent is talk 5 minutes of rubbish when being asked on the status of their task which they have been dragging for so long.

There should be a law stop company from hiring these category of worthless scums.

星期三, 9月 28, 2005




魔头一号“过路费”在民间作恶多年,有它主人三美在背后撑腰,它更是不客气。而且它 主人还大言不惭的告诉老百姓它将继续施虐至2038年,从中可收获得总共2千零95亿4千452万令吉的收入。2千零95亿4千452万有多少?大马有 2千万人口,摊分起来一人大约一万多令吉,既是说不分男女老少,在这33年中总共须付一万多令吉的“第二路税”!


魔 头二号“AP”亦不逊色,在它主人拉菲达的 照顾下,经过它口水碰过的入口车都身价百倍,当中是否有任何作弊贪污无法查知,旁人也不可以多问,否则它主人就来个 “一哭二闹三上吊”,要不就是来个“深居养病”或“国外出差”或索性“人间消失”。至于为何只有少数几人获得“照顾”而家财亿万,财源滚滚,则更是不可得 知了。








星期二, 9月 27, 2005

OMG, I am shrinking!

What happen to me?!

Why my surroundings become bigger?!!

I am shrinking...!

That's exactly how I feel every month end looking at the figure in my savings... sigh...

星期一, 9月 26, 2005

Nita is my idol

1.2 million out of 1.67 million vote cast have made the USM music undergraduate Daniel the MI-2 winner!

This surprised me, though. In all important aspects like singing skill and stage performance, Nita has out-performed Daniel, always.

But, what to say, like Roslan Aziz said, 1.2 million voters can't be wrong.

Yeah, they aren't, they're just blind!

So congratulation, Daniel. Please forgive me if next time I saw you on the street and I didn't recognize you, that's because you just look like Ah Seng selling pirated DVD in pasar malam, or tai ee long (loan shark) Ah Long whose picture on newspaper every now and then.

Bravo, Nita. You're good and you always be my idol.

And, Fauziah Latiff you still look beautiful. Wow!

星期三, 9月 21, 2005

Two Malaysian Accountants were detained in Indonesia

I used to work in a company who have some projects in Jakarta, Indonesia. Quite frequently the company would send employees there visiting Indonesian clients for requirement studies, management meetings or system supports. My colleagues were sometimes being given a short notice, like in morning telling them that they need to fly there in the afternoon. As far as I know, they normally went there without any working visa or anything like that. All they brought with them are just a passport, a luggage and a laptop, and off they go.

But it seems like it has changed. Indonesian government would like to play a not so friendly hard ball to Malaysian.

There's a news coming up in yesterday NST. There are two Malaysian accountants from KPMG were detained for the past one month for an alleged visa violation in South Sulawesi. The two Malaysian, Choo Yao Chin and Raimala Sivalingam, were on a business assignment did not have work visas.

From NST:
Malaysia abides by the Indonesian presidential decree dated 2003, which exempts citizens of certain countries, including Malaysia, from needing visas for the purpose of trade, among other activities.

And also, both Malaysian were already taken to court and cleared on Sept 9 — a decision which obviously meant nothing as far the local police are concerned.

Apparently both of them have not broken any law and are free to go. Yet, local police decided not to follow the court order and saying "needing more evidence".

Currently, Choo was still detained behind bars with hardcore criminals and terror suspects, while Raimala was remained in the women’s detention centre. I can imagine how worry their families are right now.

And then, again, we heard thing like "We want to solve this in a spirit of good neighbourliness" from Malaysia authorities. Aren't we just familiar with this type of "we do not want to piss our big neighbour off" attitude? Just deja vu, I think I've seen it happened during haze days.

More news on NST.

星期四, 9月 15, 2005




------------UPDATED 15/9/2005 3.43pm--------------




听 着电台一位校长级的听众诉说着华小如何委曲求全,如何为了让学生能有个“还能用”的桌椅而向国小“讨取”国小他们用了三、四年就认为“旧”的桌椅,如何 时常向政府申请经费以换新学校硬、软体设备而不成;但政府却自发性的拨款给国小让国小得以更新一切,以及在教育制度里并没有的“全津贴”“半津贴”华小政 策却 让教育局官员“半公开性”的进行着,等等。

我们那自称“与华教共存亡”的马华(MALAYSIA CHINESE ASSOCIATION)在做什么?我们的“人民的代议士”又在哪里?在选举期间你们全都冬眠了吗?或许对你们来说华教并不能养饱你们的肚皮及钱包。或 许对你们来说华教只不过是个政治筹码,只是个你们用来呼弄华社的一个把戏而已?!



不要对我说什么“不要问国家为你做了什么,问问你为了国家做了什么”。BULL SHIT!少跟我来这一套!

SPEAK OUT!说你们应该说的话,应该为华族说的话,而非在事情发生并出现在大众媒体后才现身说些治标不治本的废话!只须你一点点的良心,否则,50年、100年我们的问题将永久存在着。


自 独立以来,为了维护我们的华教,我们华人除了各种税务,都一直掏腰包给着另一种税,“华教税”。为了让本身华小能够自给自足,有充分的资金给于各种开销, 各个华小时常组织筹款活动,向外界筹集资金。这已经是一个常年活动。各华小常疲于此类活动,多多少少给学校正常运作带来影响!况且华社又有多少的金钱得以 支持下去?






星期三, 9月 14, 2005











syamp says:
and, "TFB,你很機車耶" equal to "TFB,你很handsome耶"


*** 笑话***

星期二, 9月 13, 2005

A tribute to DFK 6498

"DFK 6498"
"Strike Zone"

What these two titles of short film lead to is one brilliant person's name, Cameron Duncan.

The short film DFK 6498 was started with Cameron starring as an inmate living in a prison. "... The only prison which leaves the door unlocked, yet there's this punishment that you just can't escape..." this is how Cameron narrated. Cameron described himself as inmate who committed no crime yet being sentenced to imprisonment. And, everyday the head guard is so punctual and tied him to the room, "... like Kryptonite to Superman ..." he said.

At the beginning of the film, you might think it is about a prisoner's life. You are half right.

Cameron was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, or bone cancer, at his left femur when he was 16. After that he is required to go for Chemotherapy. The film DFK 6498 was all about his experience during his chemo. "DFK 6498" is his patient number of sort. He made an amazing film on telling how was it like of people who facing devastating illnesses and undergoing treatment, the chemo which he described as like "teetering on the edge of the building" which make him wanted to "jump". But he didn't.

"I live my life for my parents, for the people I love. For when I die, it is not me who will be affected. It's the ones I leave behind"

Probably those weak souls who always want to end their lives, should watch the film and start to care about the people who love them!

"Freedom is taken so much for granted!"

He also said he loved dreaming, "... the hardest part about dreaming is to be awake, coz when I was awake I am still here..." in his room for his treatment.

Cameron Duncan is a young New Zealand filmmaker, who has won a number of film competitions. He started film making at 12 or 13. A talented young director.

His another film Strike Zone is about a young softball couch, starred by Cameron himself, who diagnosed with cancer. The film ending with his own death and his own funeral. The film tells a story of himself, a softball lover and sadly, a cancer diagnosed too. He wanted to show himself as a cancer battler, by showing how hard his team won the game, and his final game.

He made a wonderful film in Strike Zone, showing his talent and skill in directing. With all the war zone shots and plays in softball game have just showed one thing, he is not only a good story teller but a gifted director too!

In the film, at the end he died on the softball field. In real life, Cameron died a few months after the film was made, at age 17.

星期一, 9月 12, 2005

Moral value to next generation

I was having my lunch at ground floor cafeteria when I was introduced to a colleague who was transferred from Singapore office.

This guy is quite a good chatter. He was making joke by telling us why living in Singapore is so boring like everything is so organized, buses are so punctual (surprise if a bus being late for 8 minutes!), MRT arrangement is so flawless, and in one word, "no surprise in the life there". Ha!

Then after a few chats I realized his reason of moving back to Malaysia from Singapore is because of his family. Yeah, I thought, family should always being put in the top priority no matter what.

But then he continued and said mostly because of the future of his kid.

I thought he was talking about his kid's education. However I always think Singapore has the best education system in the South-East Asian region, albeit reluctantly. Hence I asked him.

Then he said although it is true that Singapore has a better education system but something missing in the system there. He was giving me an example of his cousin's son.

His nephew was brought up in Singapore and now goes to primary school. There were a few times that his nephew asked his dad, "Dad, why you are not driving Mercedes?" He asked because his classmates are those rich kid whose father are driving a Mercedes. He was getting all this influences from his surrounding friends. After a while, his cousin bought a Sonata probably because of the "pressure" from his own son. But, he added, although he's bought a new Sonata, in some school outing event those kids are more prefer to sit in those Mercedeses, including his own son!

A primary school students have already known how to judge one thing by its value of money? Say frankly, I didn't even know or care the model of the car my mother drove me to school everyday when I was 12! (Yeah, I grew up in moderate/low income family and my mum just drove a Nissan Sunny. But hey, I was happy that time!)

Apparently, it is the appropriate moral value the one that missing in their entire education system, if not entire society. They might have the best education system, but the kids are going to grow up with such values of what car is the more luxury one, or of what brand of the handphone is the latest, or whatever which are based on the value of money!

This guy is probably making a right decision of moving back to Malaysia, I'll say, though he had his pay cut by half because of the currency exchange difference!

星期四, 9月 08, 2005









為甚麼同樣的善心,卻有那麼大的不同?故事中富翁的一片善心,從被認為是為富不仁、惡有惡報到變成是最受歡迎的人,這中間的變化是甚麼因素造成的呢?是大 房簷與小房子的差別嗎?還是其中的用心有甚麼不同?是甚麼原因讓富翁被責備為富不仁、惡有惡報?又是甚麼原因讓富翁被感激與紀念?









我 想,人是有惰性的。若一个人的每一件事都有旁人代为担心,代为安排,这人将认定其身边的一切都理所当然。久而久之,其惰性开始控制其大脑,对一切都不用 心。而当这一切的帮助被移去,这人就开始对身边的一切不得意不满,开始埋怨其所面对的“不公”,但是却忘记之前一切的“理所当然”其实也是对其他人的不 公!